Chewers indestructible dog bed review ( chew proof dog bed

We Tested Chewers dog bed Ourselves

“My dog chews through anything!” It's true. Even some of the most indestructible dog beds will not sustain powerful chewers. Some chew-proof dog beds are designed to survive a certain degree of destructiveness.

This chewers indestructible pad is THE FIRST thing our dog hasn’t been able to chew through, scratch through or rip up.

James H


  • Indestructible military grade Cordura fabric (chew proof, bite proof)
  • Orthopedic and comfortable
  • 100% Water, hair resistant

While we've tested this bed twice ourselves, this can also be confirmed by reading thousands of reviews from customers who've tried and tested the Big Barker bed, as well as the company's belief in their product. A 10-year money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Naturally, we had to get this bed and test it ourselves. When a product is labeled as an indestructible bed for dogs, you'd expect this to be something different from the many other beds you've tried before (that your dog has destroyed and chewed through).

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The surely is: it comes in many different sizes to fit literally any dog out there, with their Giant size being able to fit two (!) large breeds dogs on just one bed.

You can see just the “regular” large size in our video and how Samantha comfortably fits on it herself.

Due to the handcrafting process of manufacturing this bed, the result is a bed that will sustain chewing far better than most other tough dog beds out there of similar type.

The only one that could beat the Chewers dog bed in terms of indestructibility is a much less comfortable metal dog bed from, but it also comes with a lot of its own disadvantages. chew proof dog bed

In terms of “the best of both worlds,” the Chewers indestructible dog bed is the actual tough bed for large dogs, medium dogs, and even giant breeds that will not only sustain chewing but is also comfortable and healthy for the canine.

After testing this famous dog bed, we were genuinely surprised that all the marketing claims actually hold.

Just to be sure, we've also scoured thousands of chew-proof dog bed reviews to see what other pet owners are saying, and the customers were satisfied the most with the Chewers chew resistant dog bed.

The sheer level of customer satisfaction is why we also decided to rank this as first.

Customers with older dogs (such as one woman with an 11-year-old Lab) were pleased with the quality of the foam and how it cushioned their dogs’ sensitive bones and muscles.

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chew resistant dog bed
Megan V. says:

Bought this tough bed about a month ago and so far, our bulldog hasn’t been able to tear it up yet. Fits perfectly in his large crate. Very durable and easy to clean and vacuum hair off. I hope this one will last a lot longer than the other ones in the past.

chewers indestructible dog bed
John D. says:

7 month old “Larry” my baby boxer loves to chew and scratch. He’s almost 54 lbs. he can’t penetrate this thing!! Love it. He needed a soft pad because she destroyed blankets and towels. I couldn’t leave him on the hard plastic crate floor. So happy now that he’s comfortable.

chewers non chewable dog bed
Mia K. says:

It arrived VERY FAST!!! and looks very comfy. My dog is a digger and a chewer. Hoping chewers dog bed will stand up to his teeth. So far so good.. I was very impressed with their delivery time. I have 100% confidence with this company..